Henri Heyne 

Henri Heyne was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, where he lived until he was nine.  He has traveled extensively throughout Haiti and has maintained close ties with both family and friends in Port-Au-Prince.  He speaks French and Creole, His experience as a manager and owner of several New York city restaurants gives him the skills to carry out the mission of the organization.  

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Alexander Heyne 

Alexander got his start with the Haitian Relief Organization (HRO.org) when he was a sophomore at Fairfield College Preparatory School.  There were weekly donations to various charities known as "mite boxes", and here is where the HRO first came up and running.  After several of these mite boxes stabilized the organization.

Alexander received his B.S. in Conservation Biology from Clemson University, is currently attending the National University of Natural Medicine and hopes to one day establish a clinic in Haiti upon graduating. In addition to working at the HRO, attending University,  he runs his own web-based business called modernhealthmonk.com. 

William Heyne

William Heyne became part of the Haitian Relief Organization during his sophomore year at Fairfield College Preparatory School. Before this he was part of many community service programs including a Hurricane Katrina relief concert and Student tutoring services. He has helped run numerous fundraisers and continues to establish working developments for the organization. William has attended Endicott College in Massachusetts and the French Culinary institute in N.Y. and Alma Italy. 
William worked several years for renowned Chef Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich Group and hopes to one day spend time teaching children in that region the culinary skills needed to improve their job prospects.

Haitian Relief Organization
James Heyne became part of the Haitian Relief Organization during his sophomore year in High School. He has also volunteered in his community for person to person and participated on many Boys Scout projects with his troop. James was awarded the Eagle badge and is now studying Computer Science at Miami University.
James Heyne