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Donate your jersey event
After the basketball season ended, the players of Darien, Ct. donated their jersey's to the children of the YMCA in Haiti.
Thank you note

Henri Heyne visit to Haiti

To all of you who helped Henri Heyne start “The Donate Your Jersey program” off the ground in the United States and in Haiti, YMCA d’Haiti’s youth volunteers and staff thank you dearly. We especially thank Mr. Pat Morrissey, Joe Marzano, Robert Castagna, John Mazza, Darien YMCA, Rye High School and all others who worked to make our kids and teenagers benefit from this beautiful program. Lynda Gonzales from Y-USA World Service was very instrumental in connecting Darien YMCA through Henri Heyne with YMCA d’Haiti and we are very grateful for the opportunity.

This short and fruitful visit was smoothly started with a help from the UN Mission in Haiti to avoid customs complications. and facilitate YMCA d’Haiti to receive four boxes of jerseys and basket ball uniforms A donation activity ceremony was organized for 39 children and youth on Saturday, October 30th. after work sessions between staff and volunteers planned photography and registration sessions. It was indeed a very nice and productive four-day meeting and working with Henri in Haiti to lay the ground of a very fruitful cooperation. This visit was enriched with a good connection with UN Mission in Haiti, some promises to help with customs in Jiminy to facilitate the reception of our Ridgewood YMCA Containers project, a foot ball game in perspective between YMCA and UN teams a visit to devastated downtown Port-au-Prince and a meeting with YWCA Haiti Chair.

The value added of this program is the personal relationship and connection through correspondence that this project will promote between Darien and Haiti kids and youth who will remain in continued communication via the net.

Thanks again,

Gwénaël Apollon, Secrétaire Général, YMCA D’HAÏTI

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